Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bye Mini :(

The lease was up on my Mini Cooper this month :( I loved that car and wish I could have talked myself into keeping it!! But I did get a 2008 Honda CRV to replace it YEA!!

Say Goodbye to ACDC

Dave thought that the ACDC blasting every time we opened our blog was a little much... I am not sure what he is talking, in any case I hope you enjoy the new more subtle music!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Suns vs Jazz.... Crisis Management!!

Sorry there aren't any photos to go along with this entry (my camera is currently in the hospital) but it was funny none the less. After my Iron Girl Race Dave and I had planned to spend the day together and attend the Suns game that night (one of our most favorite passtimes). The only problem with this is that Dave was supposed to round on some of his patients in Peoria... if you are not familiar with Phoenix... it is about 45 mins away from our house. Since I had some studying and reading to do I decided to make the trek with him and just read in the car while he saw his patients. We also had planned that we would leave directly from the Hospital to the game. We were feeling really smart and well organized for this trek... I had munchies, water and all my books ready to go. You can see where this is going.......

We ended up getting to the hospital with no mishaps, but.... Dave's 3 patients to round on turned into 13.... 5 hours later I am getting a little sick of the car... I even made a trip to Lowe's (across from the street) and found a new toilet plunger that I just had to have. Finally Dave ran to the car and hops in ready to go..... and says "The game starts at 7 right??" I said, "Yes, that is what the internet said.... what does the tickets say??" then he says.... "Tickets??" You get the picture.... The tickets were sitting on the kitchen counter all organized and ready to go.... BTW Dave was incharge of tickets. So not only do we have 15 min to get to game... the tickets are at least 1 hour trek away and I have been sitting in the car reading organic chemistry for five hours.

So... We are trying to decide what to do next.... We get on freeway (I-17) and it is totally stopped (frequent occurance in Phoenix but frustrating none the less).... We both looked at each other and then Dave says to me....
"Do you know what were learned about in dbt lecture on Wednesday? Crisis Management!!" We both started laughing!!
That is what you get when you are married to the best Psychiatrist in the world!!

BTW With the help of Amber and Lizzie we got to game and SUNS WON!!!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Iron Girl and Reindeer Run

I participated in the Iron Girl for the third year in a row!! It is a 10 mile race for women only... I beat my last years time by 9 min. Awesome!! My friend Yukari and I got to run in a reindeer run for toys for tots!! What a blast.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Turkey Trot

This morning I ran in a Turkey Trot at the Tempe YMCA with some of the Residents from Dave's program... we had a blast... and I talked the fireman into letting sit in the drivers seat!!